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Witch Girl Trial

5/10/13 by McBrain
Updated 5/10/13

Maker of Shinobi Girl had been spoken!!! This is just a trial version but i've played this game 6 times yesterday. The character is very cute n sexy!! You have to try this ^^

Witch Girl Trial


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too bad i can't try it right now but hell i'll make a time for it , we don't see a new konsoft game everyday :D



wtf this game is satanic look at the symbology on the spells and tree



Waouh nice game dude and Shinobi Girl too,i wasn't expecting this awesomeness.Thank you for sharing this. ^^
I can't wait for another Koooonsoft Game. :D

6/22/13 McBrain responds:

^^ I'm glad you like it. updated to ver0.22... cant wait for next update! :)
Unlike Shinobi girl, this game has a better theme i guess